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Our Transsexual/Transgender Exclusive Social Community website has like-minded people - all looking to find their Special Social Networking Relationship. So if you're looking for a social networking relationship or just making new friends, all are welcome. We are mobile friendly. Keep up to date with other members while on the move with our mobile website. Safety is our top priority. We check each and every profile to ensure the right people are on our social community site, with the help of our website you can find transsexual/transgender social contacts in your area today! Keep safe, we strive to maintain a safe onsite enviroment, it's also up to you to use your own due diligence when communicating and meeting people both online and offsite. help us make the internet a safer place for transsexual/transgender people and their admirers, We do not allow solicitation of any kind on TSRelationships.

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Commonly asked site questions

  • Is it really free to send messages?
    Free members can send messages, but have daliy messaging limits and limited site features, upgrade to VIP for a enhanced messaging and site features experience!
  • Can I cancel my profile,?
    You have a choice to either cancel or delete your profile, canceling your profile does not delete it, Why the difference. Canceling profile: This is more of a time out for your profile, your profile is no longer viewable and people can't contact you, this is for people that just want to take a break and may want to come back later with their profile intact and still have access to old friends and messages. Deleting Profile: Your profile is deleted and everything is gone, purged from the site. (you will need to first cancel your profile then contact support after you cancelled so we can delete your profile, your profile will not be deleted until it is canceled first by you.)
  • Can I sell or solicit members for services I provided or items I made have for sell?
    We need to make this abundantly clear, that solicitations of any form, asking for money in any form, or offering to pay money or give gifts in any form, asking for gifts in any form, attempting to sale anything, asking for someone to pay or give you anything of any monetary value in exchange of anything, asking for someone to pay travel expensive in any form written in your profile will get your profile deleted and get you banned, if you remotely have anything like that written in your profile you need to remove it, it is in violation of our site rules. we will be going over profiles to see if anything like this is written in your profile, if we find it you will be gone
  • If someone is causing me problems, harassment, or other bad behavior what can I do about it?
    We want our site to be a safe place to meet people, we will not stand for any bad behavior, there are several things you can do,1: block the person from contacting you, 2: you can report that person to us by using the report link in their profile, please make sure you keep any documentation, screenshots of any issues, so you can send to us if requested for our internal incident investigation of the issue, but we are limited to only transgressions that happens on the site, if you go offline of the site, we are very limited to what we can do, so use due diligence when contacting members and meeting people, be safe.
  • Can I keep people from seeing my profile?
    Yes you can, When you select No One can view your profile in your privacy settings, it now also takes your profile picture off anywhere people can view it and it also takes you out of any member search results, so no one can find you in site search. this is good if you need a added privacy layer. This is not the same as Invisible mode, which is a VIP member function that makes it so that no one knows when you viewed their profile and people can't see you while you're online, with the exception of chat where you have to make yourself unavailable to chat from the chat user menu under options.

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